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Time & Attendance clocking station

Simple to use, innovative and designed for your working environment. Our An all-in-one, Smart Card Time & Attendance recording workstation incorporates; job booking, job costing, labour hours analysis and security management including quality CCTV playback


Fast, secure, feature packed

Time & Attendance system

Smart cards, optional biometrics, large colour LCD and intuitive software all provide the fastest and safest method of recording your employees time & attendance.


Benefits for all business, from Accountants to Zoo Keepers

The state of the art system will dramatically improve your HR and security management with features that give you irrefutable control over Time & Attendance, working patterns rules, the EU working time regulations and the EU road transport directive regulations.


Fast, accurate and easy-to-use system to record employees' hours of working and site security.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Directive checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.


Glasgow to host KPMG’s second huge managed services hub

Up to 400 jobs will be coming to Glasgow thanks to professional services firm KPMG’s new managed services hub. 

200 jobs will be opened initially, to join the existing 50, and 150 more are intended to begin in June thanks to an increase in production. The firm currently has about 1,050 staff in Scotland.
The managed services hub is KPMG’s second in the UK, and will be based alongside their tax centre in St Vincent Street. Apprentices and graduates will be hired as well as professionals, into roles such as data gatherers, analysts and managers.
The new team at this hub will carry out due diligence processing and large-scale data analysis for customers, including handling regulatory requirements, complaints handling and customer remediation.
KPMG said the decision to open the hub in Glasgow had been underpinned by the firm's "recognition of the depth of talent in Scotland".
Catherine Burnet, senior partner for KPMG in Scotland, said: "Managed services will play a key role in the firm's growth in Scotland.
"We recognise the country has a real depth of talent feeding in from its schools, colleges and universities, as well as an established financial services sector, and we want to harness those as part of our long-term strategy."
A major increase in staff numbers, such as Shred-It can now handle from a purely space-based perspective, can cause unforeseen problems for staff performing HR, admin and accounts job roles if the company’s method of recording time worked has not been updated. 
For example, it is very easy for staff to fill in paper timesheets incorrectly. Sometimes this can be deliberate time fraud, but sometimes it is just new staff getting confused, or people forgetting to fill in their timesheets until a week later, by which time they’ve forgotten their exact shift details and are likely to just fudge it. 
Even if the details are all correct, most paper timesheets must then be manually transferred to a database (usually an Excel spreadsheet) before being sent to payroll software. 
There are many opportunities for human error to kick in during this time-consuming process – e.g. making an unrecognised typo in entering, or misreading employee’s handwriting (1 or 7? O or 0 or D?). This can result in incorrect payslips, and very annoyed employees!
Incorrect data can also foul up HR tasks too, making it much more difficult to spot potential legal issues like adherence to the Working Time Directive, or potential disciplinary issues like someone taking three 30 minute breaks as well as their lunch.
At Time and Attendance Scotland, we offer specialised attendance management software which can work either with smartcards or with biometrics. 
Our smartcards are about the size of a credit card and fit nicely into most wallets. The Radio Frequency technology means that you don’t need to physically swipe the cards, just hold them up near the reader terminal. This reduces wear and tear.
For the ultimate deterrent against time theft, we can provide a hand scanner and/or a fingerprint reader. Smartcards can be lost, or swapped with colleagues to input fake times. This isn’t the case with hands and fingers! 

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