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A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Directive checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.


Construction company moves into Port Glasgow Business Park

Stewart and Shields, a construction company from Helensburgh, has taken up premises at Kelburn Business Park in Port Glasgow. 

The company are using their space for offices and storage facilities. There is now only one unit unoccupied at the business park, which is managed by development agency Riverside Inverclyde. 

Stewart and Shields was involved in the construction of the business park in October 2017. 

Richard Shields, a director of Stewart and Shields, said: “We have been impressed by the support we have received from Ri [Riverside Inverclyde], whose team went out of their way to make our entry into the new premises almost entirely hassle-free.

“We have successfully tendered for many developments across Scotland and in particular the west coast including Inverclyde, so a bonus of the new location is a handy base from which we expect to hire local people to support further business growth."

An example of a previous successful tender by Stewart and Shields for Riverside Inverclyde is their winning the tender in October 2018 for a £1.6 million construction contract in order to develop its food and drink incubator, Baker Street Food & Drink Enterprises in Greenock.

Gerry McCarthy, chair of Ri, said: "We are delighted that Stewart & Shields, like a growing list of businesses including Peak Scientific, Balmore Group, On-Site Scanning, Nutcrafter Creamery and the Start-Up Drinks Lab, has expressed its enthusiasm for Inverclyde's Kelburn Business Park as a base from which to do business throughout west central Scotland.

“This is further proof of the growing confidence in the construction market in Inverclyde through the number of developments and on-going regeneration.”

Source: Insider
Many construction contractors and clients require contractor staff to hold and display Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) smart-cards, which prove their qualifications, before allowing them on site. 
Here at Time and Attendance Scotland, we are an IT partner of the CSCS. This means that we can provide seamless integration between the CSCS smartcard and our WinTA.NET software, which provides time management, visitor/contractor management and fire/evacuation roll-call systems. 
The integration takes the end-user form of a CSCS “card wizard”. This set of rules allows a company to quickly grant construction contractors recognition by and access to our hardware, such as clocking terminals, turnstiles, and door controllers. The wizard will run one of three scenarios when giving access rights to contractors. These are:
Contractors who are completely new to the system.
Contractors whose name exists on the system but their CSCS card has not been entered.
Contractors who are fully recorded on the system and have used their card at other sites, but are new to this particular site.
For each different scenario the wizard will guide the user through the enrolment procedure. The result is that:
The contractor’s CSCS card is read (using a USB card reader attached to a Tensor.NET Client PC)
Details are extracted from the card to update the contractor’s details within the system
Options such as a company, site, shift group and department are assigned to the cardholder
To make it easier to include new contractors in your site’s existing health and safety and security procedures, please contact us today. We can handle any size site: our Enterprise software is able to perform for global, multi-site corporations with thousands of employees/users, while our Start edition helps small businesses with between 10 – 50 users. 


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