Save time & money with a smart card

Time & Attendance clocking station

Simple to use, innovative and designed for your working environment. Our An all-in-one, Smart Card Time & Attendance recording workstation incorporates; job booking, job costing, labour hours analysis and security management including quality CCTV playback


Fast, secure, feature packed

Time & Attendance system

Smart cards, optional biometrics, large colour LCD and intuitive software all provide the fastest and safest method of recording your employees time & attendance.


Benefits for all business, from Accountants to Zoo Keepers

The state of the art system will dramatically improve your HR and security management with features that give you irrefutable control over Time & Attendance, working patterns rules, the EU working time regulations and the EU road transport directive regulations.


Fast, accurate and easy-to-use system to record employees' hours of working and site security.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Directive checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.


Care home processes need updating for efficiency and flexibility

A CEO and recruitment specialist from Novacare Edinburgh, believes that the existing hiring process for care home workers is making the staffing crisis even worse than it might otherwise be. 

Stephen Wilson, who has over 30 years’ experience in the health and social care sector, said: “Currently in Scotland, it can take ten weeks, including laborious disclosure and barring checks, or more to fill a single care home vacancy.''
The traditional recruitment process is inflexible and inefficient, and wastes hundreds of hours of staff who aren’t recruitment specialists and are having to try and fit the process in around their other tasks. 
“Ironically, staff shortages are also leading to committed, experienced, high quality staff leaving the care industry to work in other fields, simply because the pressure of long hours and extra shifts, often combined with fulfilling several different roles, eventually becomes insupportable.''
"30 years of experience sits behind our integrated suite of SaaS solutions, which allows providers to focus on their key priority, delivering better outcomes for those they support.
"By significantly reducing the cost/administrative burden of recruitment; ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, providing real time reporting, staff planning and resource management, Novacare is transforming the way staff are recruited.''
Care homes are staffed 24/7 by care workers, receptionists, security guards and other members of staff. If it is also a nursing home, with specialist nurses on-site, they will also need to have a constant presence. This means that there is likely to be a large number of overlapping and/or irregular shifts. 
This is already difficult enough for supervisors to manage successfully. It is vital that there is a clear picture of who is in the building at any given time, not only for the security and reputation of the care home, but also for visitors’ safety in situations such as fire alarms. 
Our specialist time and attendance system records everyone’s entrance and exit from controlled doors, using either smartcards or more expensive but more secure biometric measurements. 
When the time and attendance clocking terminals from Time and Attendance Southern are linked into your company’s fire alarm system, any fire alarm activation will result in the printing of a fast, automated list of who is currently clocked into the building. This is more accurate than a paper sign-in sheet, and far more efficient.
All the data from our system on when people went through controlled doors is exportable onto all major payroll programmes. We also have the Self Service Module, which can be accessed from a browser or from your mobile via the app (available on Android and iOS). This enables employees to sign in and out and request holiday. 
If the clocking in/out is done from a mobile, the information is transferred to the central Tensor.NET application, including GPS position data so that you can make sure your remote employees, such as community carers, are where they should be at that time. 

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